Bethesda’s Two Upcoming Games Rival Skyrim and Fallout in Size

These two games will come before The Elder Scrolls VI.


Bethesda is working on three games, one of which is Elder Scrolls 6. Despite not releasing any more information about the other new games, public relations and marketing vice president Pete Hines revealed that the two projects would be “big games like a Skyrim and a Fallout 4 and a Fallout 3.”

Speaking to IGN at E3, Hines wanted to ensure fans knew Bethesda studio head Todd Howard wasn’t discussing DLC when he talked about the studio’s new games yesterday; Bethesda is working on big games that “don’t just happen.”

Hines reiterated that the “two major games” the studio is planning will come before Elder Scrolls 6, which, according to Howard, is “a very long way off.” What Bethesda has in mind for the game will “take a lot of time.”

Bethesda hasn’t outlined a timeline for any of the upcoming games, and noted yesterday that they’ll talk about them when they talk about them.

Bethesda will be releasing a remastered edition of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. It’s slated for release on October 28. PC Players who own the Legendary Edition of the game, or all the game’s add-ons, will receive the special edition for free.

Also at E3, Bethesda revealed a VR version of Fallout 4.