Is Eternal Darkness getting a Sequel?

Critically acclaimed Gamecube title Eternal Darkness may be getting a sequel.

Silicon Knights are hard at work on a next-gen title based upon their most requested IP and that will take them back to their roots, that's according to an interview with Denis Dyack at It's something that we've heard before, almost word for word in fact, but it's repeating something that still remains pretty exciting. Neogaf user Mama Robotnik has come to the conclusion that there are three possibilities of varying likelihood: Legacy of Kain, Too Human or Eternal Darkness.

Legacy of Kain is now owned by Crystal Dynamics/Square Enix and, rumour has it, they're currently working on a game based on the IP themselves. That doesn't mean that Silicon Knights won't be involved, but it seems unlikely given the legal history between the two companies. Too Human would hardly take the company back to their roots and wasn't exactly celebrated enough to be their most requested IP.

That leaves an Eternal Darkness sequel or potential remake. This isn't the first time there have been rumours going around and spokespeople for the company have confirmed more than once that it's something they'd be interested in revisiting. That there are plans for a sequel isn't surprising, but it's the details that will be interesting – will it be a Wii U exclusive? Time will tell.