Silent Hill Art Director disappointed by HD Collection

After being showed a screenshot comparison between the Silent Hill HD Collection and the original games, the art director is left unimpressed.

How can you discover without a doubt that your HD collection isn't as good as it should be? The simple answer to that comes from Twitter as the art director on the original versions of the games, Masahiro Ito, comments on how poorly the port has been done. Looking at the image above, he made his opinion pretty clear. "The left side is HD, isn't it? It's poor…"

"Is this really the released version?" he asked, obviously shocked that, for instance, you can see the edge of the map in the middle screen on the left. "They didn't have to release this version," he finished.

The point of a HD collection isn't always anything to do with the graphics, but with breathing new life into an old product. Trophy support and the ability to easily access multiple games from one disk for use on current consoles is just as important as making it look prettier than it was before.

But when the whole thing is handled as badly as the Silent Hill Collection has been handled, it seems the IP holders are just after a quick buck based on the name. I'm told there are still issues on PS3 despite an installation and a patch, so, if the developers have any pride in their work whatsoever, expect more downloading over the next couple of weeks.

Source: Twitter