Valve Goes Global With Chinese DOTA 2 Ambitions

Valve intends to launch DOTA 2 in China.

It's DOTA 2!

As DOTA 2 steadily grows in terms of popularity, playable characters and beta testers, Valve has its sights set on the fair lands of the Middle Kingdom—China.

Valve sees the launch of DOTA 2 in China as integral to the success of the game overall. Speaking to PC Gamer, Valve honcho Doug Lombardi talked about how they plan to deal with the Chinese market.

"You’ve got to address that market, it’s the biggest DOTA population in the world, right?" he said.

Valve's problem with a Chinese release is that the company isn't allowed to launch Steam in China's restricted market. Under the country's laws, a foreign enterprise like Valve would have to forge a deal with a local company to gain access to its users.

It's understandable, as China's a growing market and it has to protect its fledgling industries. Other countries including Vietnam have similar restrictions. Valve will have to partner up with a locally established publisher to bring DOTA 2 to China.

"We’re actively looking for a partner to work with over there,” Lombardi said. "It’s pretty cut and dry – you need a Chinese partner to be in China, period."

PC Gamer reports that Valve has been sending its higher-ups to China to scout possible partners in recent months.

If Valve gets its way—and it will, for it's only a matter of time—games like League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth are going to have a tough time competing with DOTA 2 in the global arena.