Was Rockstar Working On Liberty City Location For Grand Theft Auto 5?

Check out the Liberty City image comparison.


Someone at Rockstar may not have been too careful when posting content online as fans of the Grand Theft Auto video game series may have discovered a potential DLC that was in the works for Grand Theft Auto V. Turns out, it’s possible that the developers were working on a Grand Theft Auto IV Liberty City location for the latest GTA installment. Furthermore, it’s unknown as to if this was an online DLC section or potentially an area for a singleplayer campaign.

Within the GTAForums, a couple of users managed to locate the portfolio of Adrian Page who is an artist that has been working for Rockstar since 2011. Within the portfolio, Adrian Page had images that dated back to the early development of the retail release of Grand Theft Auto V.

One of those images that were posted looks to be the same area from Grand Theft Auto IV Liberty City. Although it’s not confirmed on if the image was an abandoned or potentially upcoming DLC for Grand Theft Auto V.



You can see a comparison of the two images above, though details are still scarce as to what Rockstar was doing with the map area or just how much of Liberty City was being worked on. Furthermore, it’s interesting that the image from the Adrian Page was taken down shortly after its discovery. Perhaps this is DLC that may still find its way out to the general public.