Portal 2 announced for the PS3, will release the same day with other platforms

Portal 2 with Steamworks for the PS3 coming 2011

Valve E3 2010 Surprise

Gabe Newell himself came onto the stage during Sony’s E3 press briefing and revealed that Portal 2 with Steamworks will be coming to the PS3 which he said “will make Portal 2 for the PS3 the best version on any console”. So, this was the surprise which was spreading like wildfire over the internet over the past few weeks with rumors of HL2: Episode 3, Source Engine 2 and even DNF. We’re glad that it’s over, but a little disappointed that another E3 has gone by and HL 2: Episode 3 wasn’t even mentioned. The exciting news is that the announcement was followed by a trailer for Portal 2 and it looks absolutely stunning “You Monster”.

Check out the full announcement and Portal 2 E3 2010 trailer in HD below: