Mass Effect 3 Player Banned For Spending Money in Multiplayer Mode

A player was banned for allegedly cheating in Mass Effect 3.

Earlier today, a disgruntled forum user by the name of Semtex Jack complained of his account being banned from Multiplayer Mode on Mass Effect 3 for “suspected credit hacking”. Apparently, the user had acquired “millions” of credits after participating in a multiplayer match, not knowing how or why he received them. He then bought “tons” of so-called spectre boxes with the magical cash, and during an attempt to log on his account the next day, he was greeted with, “This account is invalid.”

Jarrett Lee, Senior Marketing Manager for the Mass Effect franchise was quick in responding to Jack’s plea for help. He promised to pass his situation along to the “live team”, who would then get back with him.

After some time, Lee comes back with: “Jack – unfortunately the data analysis on your account does not entirely support your story. I’ll leave it at that and not make this akward.” He then continued in saying “I’ve got your case being looked at and it’s being escalated, but I’ll step out of this situation now because it’s not really my territory.

Read the conversation for yourself below.