Paradox: GAME Are Bullies and it’s bitten them on the ass

While some publishers are quick to help the struggling GAME Company, other publishers are less worried about the world without them.

Last year, a forum user called Teddi Orange did some research into the GAME company and found something quite interesting. In January 2011, GAME had allegedly approached publishers and said in no uncertain terms that it may refuse to take any game to retail that came with Steamworks capabilities and said that it also wanted a month head start over digital distribution companies on major PC titles. Perhaps it was an early show of desperation from a company that was rapidly losing customers to the internet, but it's now come back to haunt them.

Fredrik Wester of Paradox Interactive spoke with GamesIndustry at GDC this week, and didn't pull his punches.

"GAME has basically been bullying people around and now it comes back to bite them on the ass.

"It's been abusing their situation in the UK for a long time but it always come back to you. Look at EA and Nintendo, they're not even willing to help. They will take the hit just to get rid of GAME and start over.

"One of the biggest problems is they haven't behaved nicely to other people, so it's karma."