Quantic Dream Unveils Kara Demo Featuring Tech Behind Their Next Game

Whoever said a sex robot can’t be emotionally stirring?

As announced, Quantic Dream has revealed Kara, a tech demo produced with the studio's new engine and performance catpure techniques.

Much like The Casting, the E3 2006 demo that eventually evolved into Heavy Rain, Kara is designed to showcase the technology that Quantic Dream will be using in their next title, though perhaps not the setting or tone. The entire demo is, impressively enough, running in real time on PlayStation 3 hardware, and it looks spectacular.

Clocking it at seven minutes, Kara focuses on an android (played by Breaking Dawn's Valorie Curry) being assembled piece by piece, then running through a series of system tests. The increased fidelity definitely shines through in Curry's performance, which features none of the awkward, uncanny valley tics that made the studio's last title, Heavy Rain, a little unsettling to watch. For my money, it's not quite as impressive as what we saw with L.A. Noire's MotionScan tech — Kara's mouth seems ever-so-slighty off — but it's certainly a close call.

For now, Eurogamer's got an exclusive on the trailer, so head on over there and take a look. It's definitely worth your time.