Epic Games Announces Infinity Blade: Dungeons for the iPad 3

Epic Games is the first company to announce a hardcore action RPG for the iPad 3.

Today sees the announcement of a brand new iteration of the iPad from Apple. In addition to the new iPad, which sports a super high resolution display, one of the first games set for release on the new device is Epic Games’ Infinity Blade: Dungeons.

Announced at Apple’s event in San Francisco, Infinity Blade: Dungeons is an action RPG not unlike the Diablo games and Torchlight. Like the aforementioned titles, game is played from an isometric (overhead) perspective and players can choose from a variety of classes to scour through the dungeons.

As the iPad 3 or whatever they’re calling it is powered by a quad-core CPU and a GPU that carries specs not unlike the PS Vita, Epic Games and Apple are confident that the new device will be something of a game changer for mobile games, as the hardware will allow for more hardcore experiences—the first of which is Infinity Blade: Dungeons—to thrive on the device.

More details on Infinity Blade: Dungeons are forthcoming.