Dark Souls 3 PvP Patch Pulled From Steam Due To Freeze Issues

Hopefully they can get it fixed soon.

dark souls 3 screenshot

From Software’s Dark Souls 3 is currently having a little issue on PC, specifically the PvP part of the game.

As we all know, the developer is in constant battle to ban and punish PC cheaters, and as a result they released the latest patch. However, it reportedly caused a lot of player’s games to freeze, crash and even caused a number of performance issues, that’s why they decided to pull the patch from Steam. They also apologized on the forums with the following message:

“The patch has been removed temporarily to fix the freeze issues. We hope to reinstate the patch ASAP. If you fall victim to one of the bugs previously fixed, don’t worry, you won’t be penalized. We will keep you posted as soon as we have more info. Thank you for your understanding.”

We hope they can find a fix for all the reported issues as soon as possible, so everyone can enjoy slaughtering each other in Dark Souls 3’s PvP Online mode. On the other hand, a Dark Souls-themed board game is at almost £3.5 Million On Kickstarter.