Starhawk Open Beta Launches on PSN Today

The Starhawk open beta is now playable on the PlayStation Network.


Sony has announced that the Starhawk Multiplayer Beta is now open to all PSN users, worldwide. According to the company, there's no need to Like them on Facebook, accept any special offers, or even sign up for the thing. It's open to everyone.

The beta is expected to run for several weeks until they're done testing the game. Here's what's in store:

In the coming weeks we’ll be upgrading the Beta a ton. You can expect a new map, new vehicles, new weapons, 32-player max matches and more. Remember, this is still a beta, not a demo. We are actively finding and fixing problems — and we need your feedback!

They've also shared a few tips to get you started:

General Starhawk Beta Tips

• Kill to build, build to kill. Kill enemies to get more Rift Energy to build more stuff to kill more enemies.

• Shoot glowing Rift barrels to collect more Rift Energy.

• Do not repeatedly build the same structures. Things like Garages or Launch Pads allow you to create new vehicles without building a new structure.

• If you stay in the vicinity of your base area and Rift Extractor you will auto-magically collect Rift energy.

• Each structure does something specific. Discover its purpose!

• Most all the structures have a glowing yellow panel. If you go up to one, you will be prompted to either create a new vehicle or remove the building. Removing repeated buildings is a great way to ease the strain on your structure cap.

• Use mics for the best experience….and sometimes to learn a few new words. 🙂

• Pick your Skill wisely. You can also change them during a match during respawn. Remember that you need enough XP points and the listed prerequisite for a Skill to unlock.

The controller layouts can be seen below:

And the maps you'll be playing on:



Interested users can venture on over to the PlayStation Store on their PS3s and pick up the demo.