Life is Strange Everyday Heroes Contest Winner Revealed

Take a look at the winner of the Everyday Heroes contest.

Life is Strange

If you can recall back, a contest on the theme of Life is Strange was announced, granting the winner with a nice chunk of change, $10,000, towards a scholarship fund. This event was called the “Everyday Hero” contest and it asked individuals within North America to submit a picture and accompanying background information to your own Everyday Hero.

Admittedly, the folks behind the decision for the Everyday Heroes contest took more time than intended to go through each submission. Additionally, they noted that it was extremely tough to decide the winner, but after taking the necessary amount of time, we now have the winner and two runner-up finalists.

The first place winner in the Everyday Heroes contest went to Alex L who submitted a picture of Austrian volunteers who helped a soaked mother and child from the freezing rain and gave them new dry clothes.


“This picture combines perfectly both the core of the “Everyday Heroes” theme and artistic and technical qualities. The play on the looks and gestures of the people captures really tells the story of both the mother and child and the volunteers. We can see that they truly care for those people and commit themselves completely to this job. On the technical side the composition, exposure, sharpness, focus and vibrant colors are really great.”

Within the official Life is Strange blog post, you can take a look at the close runner-up submissions along with some of the honorable mentions.