Bethesda Knew Skyrim PS3 Owners Would Experience Bad Memory Issues

The believed that a small percentage of would experience it, hoping for a quick post-release fix.

Todd Howard, Director of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, has admitted that they knew “a small percentage” of PS3 owners would run into “bad memory”; however, they decided to ship the game anyway. Little did they know that this “small percentage” claim was a massive understatement.

“We did a ton more testing this time around, so the game is definitely our most solid release regardless of platform. The way our dynamic stuff and our scripting works, it’s obvious it gets in situations where it taxes the PS3. And we felt we had a lot of it under control. But for certain users it literally depends on how they play the game, varied over a hundred hours and literally what spells they use, did they go in this building?”

Additionally, Howard claims that the supposed cause of the problem–PS3′s inability to handle large save files–was actually a “misconception”; basically, it was the players’ fault and how they played the game.

“It’s literally the things you’ve done in what order and what’s running. Some of the things are literally what spells do you have hot-keyed? Because, as you switch to them, they handle memory differently."

Three months after release, gamers are still experiencing issues which led Bethesda to ask users for their saved game files in order to help aid in solving the issues PS3 gamers are encountering.

“Now that we’ve been through this we’re not naïve enough to say ‘we have seen everything’, because we have to assume we haven’t. There are still going to be some people who have to come back to us and say, ‘OK, my situation is this.’

‘OK, send us your saved game.’ We literally need to look at what you have running. We tried doing it through e-mail. We need to open the saved game and look at it.

We’ve got one guy who has seven dragons on the other side of the world, and a siege about to happen in this city and another 20 quests running. And, OK, this is what the game is trying to do and it’s having a hard time running that.”

Stay patient, PS3 owners, it will be fixed in due time… hopefully.

Source: Kotaku