Battleborn Beta Stats Bonanza: Over Two Million Players

The hype train is gearing up for the May 3rd launch.

The Battleborn beta ended on April 18th, but four days later we have some stats to work with, thanks to a blog from the Battleborn website. In five days, the Battleborn community had 1.1 million competitive multiplayer matches, 1.4 million story mode episodes, and collected 27 billion shards total.

And over two million players. That’s definitely nothing to sneeze at.

As a result of the massive stats win, Gearbox is sharing SHiFT codes for three golden skins: one for ISIC, one for Benedict, and one for Shayne & Aurox.

Check out more stats released in this gallery below.


But that definitely isn’t all in terms of Battleborn news. If you’re at PAX East this week, there will be livestreams all weekend over at Booth #9068.


Details on all the events going on for Battleborn PaxEast 2016 can be found here.

It certainly seems that Gearbox is on track for the Battleborn launch on May 3rd. Best of luck to them on that.