Skyrim Creation Kit Tutorial Video Guide For Modding

Bethesda has released a series of tutorials on how to use their Creation Kit modding tools for Skyrim.

skyrim creation kit tutorial

In commemoration of the launch of the Skyrim Workshop and Creation Kit, Bethesda has released three video tutorials on how to use the tools.

The first episode of the tutorial covers the introduction to the Creation Kit, introducing would-be modders to the basic tools that will be used throughout the series. The second episode covers the basics of layout, while the third provides detailed information on more advanced techniques.

Using the creation kit, modders will be able to design the world of Skyrim to craft their own adventures and quests, create their own NPCs and cities, and design everything from weapons, armor, and whatever else they can imagine.

The three episodes of the tutorial series are just the first of Bethesda's tutorials for the Creation Kit, and they intend to release more guides in the days and weeks to come.