Aliens: Colonial Marines Spring Launch Window in Doubt

Is Sega gearing up to announce another delay?

Sega's been fiddling with the expected launch date on the official Aliens: Colonial Marines site, leading to speculate that the Gearbox-developed FPS might miss its previously announced Spring 2012 release.

A few hours ago, The Sixth Axis noticed that the release window on the game's UK site had be changed from "Spring 2012" to "Autumn 2012" implying that Sega had stealthily delayed the title. A bit later, VG24/7 reported the exact same change, also citing the UK site.

By the time the story caught our attention, though, the date had apparently been shifted back to spring. As a result, we're unable to vet whether or not the change also occured on the US version of the site. At the moment, the Australian website is the only one that seems to have retained the change. Perhaps the delay was only ever intended for Australia, and someone accidentally pushed it to the other sites as well.

Either way, it's obvious that Sega has been tinkering with more that one of Colonial Marines' official websites, making it likely that the game is getting pushed back to fall in at least one market. We expect Sega to issue official comment soon.