Xbox One Updates Lets Everyone Purchase Backwards Compatible Games

Microsoft is releasing several preview features to Xbox One owners.

Xbox One
A new update has been released from Microsoft to their latest console release, the Xbox One, according to a post by Major Nelson. This update will bring in a feature that several gamers have been waiting for, the ability to purchase backwards compatible Xbox 360 video games. Furthermore, there has been a few new additions brought onto the Xbox One as well.

The main center focus so far for with this latest preview features update is that all Xbox One users are now given the ability to purchase Xbox 360 backwards compatible video games. This will finally let gamers go back and enjoy some of their favorite past video games along with those who may have missed out on owning a Xbox 360 console.

Microsoft also added the ability to increase the Party size on the Xbox One to a total of sixteen individuals. With the increased Party size, gamers are now able to stream their Party Chat on Twitch.

Xbox Elite controller owners will now see a slightly improved thumbstick precision, particularly when a gamer is moving the thumbstick diagonally. After hearing some feedback on the controller, the development team went back and worked on the software to more accurately measure the distance moved with the thumbstick on their Xbox Elite Wireless Controllers, giving gamers an even greater control over their characters in-game.

Xbox Accessories App was also updated for Windows 10 which will now display a page featuring the current firmware version, battery status, along with other details about the controller.

Lastly, a new command will allow gamers to take a screenshot during gameplay. Gamers will simply have to say “Xbox, take a screenshot” for this command to activate.