Dark Souls PC Petition Passes 50,000 Signatures

The chances of a PC release for From Software’s brutally difficult action RPG are greatly improved as an internet campaign takes off in a big way.

Last week, a comment from a Namco Bandai employee sparked a grassroots campaign to bring From Software's Dark Souls to the PC. Now, a fan petition in support of the cause has passed an important milestone: 50,000 signatures,

In response to a forum thread asking about a potential port, Namco Bandai employee Shoupinou claimed it was a definite possibility,  suggest a petition to help convince the higher ups that the demand was there. Shortly afterward, Rock, Paper, Shotgun took up the mantle, and the campaign went viral. 

When we last checked in, the petition was sitting at a modest (but respectable) 13,000 singatures. Now, less than 24 hours later, that number has skyrocketed to more than 50,000. That's a remarkable figure, especially for a petition that's less than three days old. Perhaps more tellingly, the pace seems to be increasingly dramatically as time goes on, proving that there's a definite interest in a PC port of Dark Souls.

A PC release remains far from certain, but given that the first request for a petition came from within Namco Bandai, it's safe to assume the odds have improved substantially.