PotionApp for Skyrim Makes Alchemy Easy

This new app for Skyrim allows you to turn alchemy into a hassle-free process.

I enjoy creating new characters in Skyrim, and I’m sure many others do too. The problem with running an ensemble of different characters is that you have to do each part of the game multiple times—including some of the more tedious parts, like discovering the properties of each ingredient in the production of alchemical formula.

Eating a bowl of Troll Fat can be enjoyable the first time you do it, but with multiple playthroughs, you might little reason to subject yourself to the experience more than once.

Thankfully, a web app developed by Jason Bradicich allows you to bypass the hassle by providing you with each of the game’s alchemical 21,000 recipes—available directly at your fingertips.

Unlike other apps and guides that need you to scroll through a list of ingredients to find out what you can make, this well designed application lets you load up which ingredients you have in your inventory to discover the combinations available to you.

Check it out here.

via VentureBeat.