Is Blizzard Working On Diablo 4?

A YouTuber may have cracked the Da Vinci Code for Diablo IV.

The rumor mill likes to turn in the world of video games. Even so, the Internet is crawling with detectives who sort through the snippets of tips, hints, and secrets to sort out myth from fact. One such online sleuth, a YouTuber who goes by the handle Rhykker, believes that he’s found conclusive evidence that Blizzard will soon be starting development on Diablo IV.

In a video on his channel posted March 3, Rhykker outlines the subtle online paper trail of job postings that he believes points to a new Diablo game, rather than a mere expansion.

Rhykker specifically cites three job postings published on Blizzard’s website: One for a Senior Concept Artist, one for a Senior Character Artist, and one for a Lighting Artist. All three job postings are for “unspecified projects.”

Some of the points cited by Rhykker include a quote from the postings indicating that Blizzard is looking to fill positions for its “next hit game,” which the YouTuber believes rules out the possibility of simply a new expansion.

Here are some additional points listed in the job posting requirements that may further corroborate Rhykker’s theory:

  • Create character / creature concepts including character sheets and detailed callouts of equipment and weapons.
  • Create environmental concepts that include landscape / architectural designs, props and occasional mood paintings.
  • Exceptional understanding of human / creature anatomy, color theory, values, form, shape language and silhouette.
  • Strong knowledge of medieval weapon and armor design.

It absolutely goes without saying that until an official statement from Blizzard has been made, this all remains nothing but rampant speculation. Still, who knows, right?