Skyrim Mod Helps the Game Run on Low End PCs

Those of us with old hardware won’t be left in the cold any longer. Or will, I guess, since it snows an awful lot in Skyrim.

Want to enjoy Skyrim on your PC, but don't feel like shelling out a grand to get your ancient rig in fighting shape? No worries, as the ever-vigilant modding community has you covered.

By installing Boris Vorontsov's new mod, the cumbersomely titled Performance and Bugfix ENBSeries, you can push Skyrim's graphical settings well below the minimum system requirements, allowing you to run the game without lag on fairly outdated hardware.

Users have reported that the modification allows the game to run smoothly on systems as low as an Intel Celeron 3.0 Ghz with 2GB of RAM and an Nvidia GEForce GT 210. That's a $30 graphics card, for those of you keeping score.

If you're interested, you can pick up the ENBSeries mod from the Skyrim Nexus. And if it doesn't work out? The mod's creator claims that it makes no harmful modifications to the game's files and can be removed painlessly at any time.