Dota 2 Survey Hints at Impending Wave of Beta Invites

Valve has sent out e-mails to those who signed up for the public beta, leading to speculation that invites will be going out by the end of the week.

A few months back, Valve posted a registration form on the Dota 2 official site for an impending beta. Despite a million dollar tournament and a massive content leak, there’s been little word on when exactly that beta would be opening up to the general public. In light of a recent survey, though, that date might be coming very soon indeed.

Yesterday, those who had signed up for the beta began receiving e-mails asking them to answer questions about their computer specs and prior experience with the franchise. Questions included a self-assessment of skill, a top five list of preferred heroes, and experience with other games in the action RTS genre.

Those who nervously checked the "novice" box probably shouldn't worry too much. According to Valve, the questions are to ensure that participants are placed in the proper ranking bracket, and the beta is aiming to to include everyone from seasoned professionals to first time players.

If you weren't lucky enough to receive an e-mail of your own, there's still hope. According to the latest post on the official Dota 2 blog, anyone who gets accepted into the beta will also be receiving two invites to hand out to whomever they please.