Battlefield 3 Beta Glitches

The Battlefield 3 Open Beta has just launched, and it is host to a number of glitches and problems that have been cropping up.

battlefield 3 beta glitches

The Battlefield 3 Open Beta has just launched, and with it players are experiencing the game for all that it's worth as a tactical FPS and a great team-based shooter. However, being a beta also means that the game is quite prone to glitches, some of which are potentially game-breaking.

A beta tester named Sorlis experienced one of the game's many glitches, which trapped him within the ground—beneath the map, to be exact—without access to the menu to commit suicide and free himself from his less-than-desirable predicament.

Another user going by TmarTn uploaded footage of a glitch that caused him to be stuck within the spawn point, preventing him from doing much else besides throw grenades and shoot from a stationary position.

Needless to say, these two problems are bound to be fixed when the final game is released, but it doesn't make them any less annoying to deal with.