FIFA 12 Allows You to Setup Your Own Youth Academy & Scout Players

The scouting system returns in FIFA 12 in the form of youth academy where managers can send scouts to discover young talent.

The growth of young players in FIFA 11 was very limited and we all were left with only one option i.e. to poach other teams for young players. In FIFA 12 players will grow at a much rapid rate and you can also setup your own youth academy as a manager, means you can send scouts to different parts of the world to look for fresh undiscovered raw talent, unlike FIFA 11 where scouts could only look at real players.

Each month scouts will come back with a list of players with vague and specific details on them, at that point of time as a mangaer you'll have three options—sign the player, reject the player, or monitor the situation where the details from scouts about the player get more specific, but waiting for too long can lead to other teams snatching your player from under your noses. Looks like the career mode in FIFA 12 is getting a much needed facelift.