Devil May Cry Info Blowout from TGS

Hot off the presses is a slate of Devil May Cry information from the Tokyo Game Show.

dmc 2012

To paraphrase Commissioner Gordon and butcher it, the Devil May Cry reboot may not be the game fans of the series deserve, but it's certainly the game they'll be getting. With any luck, it won't be described as a "butchery" of the series when gamers finally manage to personally experience it.

Until then however, we'll have to rely on Capcom USA to provide us with details about the game.

Speaking at the Capcom booth at the Tokyo Game Show this year, Alex Jones of Capcom USA revealed that the new Devil May Cry takes place in Limbo. Architecturally, it's a cross between a modern city and a medieval one. The city of Limbo itself is very much alive—buildings and roads deform and reshape themselves in real time. The city of Limbo is a reflection of Dante as a character—a half angel, half devil.

Think Sigil, the City of Doors. It's like that.

Dante himself has been largely redesigned with a modern look and fashion, reflecting the sensibilities of its Italian designers. Dante's fighting capabilities reflect his half-angel, half-devil nature—as an angel, Rebellion will turn into a scythe; as a devil, it takes the form of an axe.

The game's basic combat system remains true to the original Devil May Cry titles, with Dante using his twin pistols Ebony and Ivory, and the Rebellion sword. Dante can launch foes into air, and continue his chain of attacks through aerial abilities. A new "devil trigger" attack complements these new aerial attacks. Suffice it to say, the developers have adopted the system to promote the use of extensive combos.

Equally crucial is the game's soundtrack, whose tempo increases with the intensity of the combat.

Finally, Dante in his angel form will be able to use flying abilities like "Angel Boost" and "Angel Lift," both of which greatly help Dante's ability to explore.

Devil May Cry will be released on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.