FIFA 12: How to save a Penalty Kick Tutorial

Our FIFA 12 goal keeping tutorial teaches you how to save a penalty kick in FIFA 12.

fifa 12 save a penalty tutorial

Saving a penalty kick can be a crucial moment in a game and it's important that you know what is the best possible way to save a penalty in FIFA 12. It all comes down to your own and your Goal Keeper's reaction plus a little bit of luck. Here's our tutorial on how you can save a penalty in FIFA 12 and be a hero for your team.

1. To move your keeper on the line you can use the left analog stick and to dive use the right analog stick. You can choose to dive left, bottom-left, right and bottom-right using the right analog stick. For shots that go straight and just under the bar you need to use the right analog stick facing upwards to jump for these.

2. If you have a feeling you know which side the penalty taker is going to choose, you might decide to commit a bit early by moving the keeper using the left analog stick which allows you to dive further in one direction so you can save shots closer to the post, however when you commit it'll be harder to save shots closer to the middle of the goal. Also, if the penalty kick taker decides to do a stutter shot you will give away your position  and he might decide to take the spot kick in the opposite direction.

3. There are also reaction saves which can be made using the right analog stick after the player has taken penalty kick, but these reaction saves don't allow you to reach shots closer to the post and are more appropriate for saving finesse shots.

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