Project X Zone 2 Japan Release Date Set, New Details Revealed

I don’t know about you, but I’d like to get the Original Game Sound edition.

Project X Zone 2 was given a Fall 2015 release window, and the latest issue of Famitsu  reveals that the Japan release date is November 12.

Priced at 6,640 yen, first-print run copies will include a challenge map DLC called “Woman of ’10 Years’ Past’” which rewards you with a special item called “Black Hotpants” and a download code for a 3DS theme after clearing it.

A slightly pricier, limited edition “Original Game Sound” version will also be sold for 9,980 yen. This edition will allow you to switch out the game’s music for the music from the original works. A download code for Adventure of Valkyrie: Legend of the Key of Time with Xiamou will also be included; this is a special edition Namco Anthology 2 game with playable Xiamou. A “Namco X Capcom 10th Anniversary Resource” 3DS theme is also part of the package, and players will also get a “Namco X Capcom 10th Anniversary Resource” three-sided package illustratred by Takuji Kawano.

There’s also the new “Mirage Cancel” feature: Press B during a normal attack, and you can suspend the attack, enter slow motion, and aim for a nice critical hit in the next attack.

Project X Zone 2 is set to launch this fall.