Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare Sequel Incoming? Plants vs Zombies Xbox Teaser Revealed

While this could be teasing a regular Plants vs Zombies game, it also lines up with earlier reports of a Garden Warfare sequel.

Are you ready for a new Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare? EA has seen it fit to tease fans with a new Plants vs Zombies video.

Here’s the catch for the new video: there is not an second of visuals in the teaser at all. Instead, we get a few seconds of an audio teaser for the next Plants vs Zombies game.

Could it be a new Plants vs Zombies strategy game? Possibly. There are no lack of laser and electronic sounding special effects in the main series. A new Plants vs Zombies with a focus on electric gadgetry could be interesting too.

However, this supports earlier reports regarding Plants vs Zombies as well. If you remember, job openings came up just a few days ago specifically to work on a new Garden Warfare game. There are no rumors here. The job openings openly name the game in its description. If this next Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare is not yet finished, it’s at least far enough that EA is ready to tease it at this year’s E3.

And this is precisely the point, as the teaser ends with info on an upcoming exclusive worldwide reveal that the Xbox E3 event. Much like the original Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare, this game may be making it to Xbox consoles first. For what it's worth, this also bolsters Xbox head Phil Spencer's assertion that this year's Xbox E3 event will be about games.

Let us know what you think about playing another Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare in the comments below.