Bloodborne: All Boss Fights Guide

It’s useful to know how to beat the bosses in Bloodborne, as one of the few things you can prepare for in Bloodborne.

This is a guide on how to deal with the bosses of Bloodborne.

Of course, as is characteristic of From Software’s games, the bosses are not that far off in difficulty from the regular enemies in the course of gameplay. Still, it’s useful to know how to deal with the bosses in advance, as one of the few things you can prepare for in Bloodborne.

Check back for more guide bosses to appear on this playlist later.

Cleric Beast

We all know the Cleric Beast from multiple previews and the alpha for Bloodborne. It is a giant, seemingly gaunt figure, with antler like horns. In spite of its unhealthy appearance, it has high agility and strength.

Father Gascoigne

The priest of the Church of Yharnam is infected himself, and while not as tall as the Cleric Beast, is still taller and stronger than the Hunter. He becomes an ogre-like creature when the plague takes over, making him faster and more aggressive.

Vicar Amelia

Little is known of Vicar Amelia’s story or background for now, but she’s definitely not a vicar. She is another ghoulish creature with a gigantic body. This time, she is seemingly doglike, with antlerlike horns, simian hands, and long locks of hair that cover her body.

The Witch of Hemwick

The Witch is known to haunt the depths of Yharnam in the middle of the night, and it is rumored that she gathers the eyeballs of the living. These rumors prove themselves true, as in her creature form she hunches her back, which is populated with said eyeballs. Compared to the other bosses, she isn’t as imposing, but she’s certainly gruesome.

Blood Starved Beast

The Blood Starved Beast is a truly gruesome figure, with all the skin stripped off its body. This beast has three forms, and can be taken in coop.

Darkbeast Paarl

If the Cleric Beast was skin and bones, Paarl is literally just a skeleton enveloped in blue lighting. It’s wrinkled skull and extended skeleton implies it is a creature of considerable age. It moves and strikes in unexpected ways as well.

Shadow of Yharnam

Not much known about these creatures, but physically they are three tall swordsmen in long robes and hoods. Think the Ringwraiths from Lord of the Rings.