Full Control Calls It Quits After Space Hulk Ascension, Will Continue To Sell/Support Games

The studio did not go bankrupt, but made the most of a bad situation where they couldn’t make games anymore.

Full Control has revealed they are putting a stop to game development following the release of Space Hulk: Ascension.

The studio is not bankrupt and actually still has some money to keep going. However, they have also been in decline for some time now, and subsequent events have made development prohibitively expensive.

After their Jagged Alliance remake failed in the market last year, Full Control had to lay off 25 employees. Jagged Alliance’s IP holder, bitComposer, subsequently went bankrupt. As money and funding issues mounted, their investor CAPNOVA forced them to renegotiate an exit agreement, leaving them with a loan to payoff.

Full Control will keep a skeleton crew to maintain the games they still have in operation, and will keep selling and supporting their Space Hulk and Jagged Alliance games, but that’s the extent of the studio’s existence moving forward. CEO Thomas Hentschel Lund himself already has a new position in Sybo Games.

Lund detailed the issues the studio had as of late, but also pointed to the volatility and increased competitiveness of the current gaming environment to their predicament. He also points out that by the time CAPNOVA left them, there simply wasn’t enough money to start with a new game. Ultimately, Lund’s choice means their current games will still be around, and no one is left stuck in a bad situation.

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