Rumor: SimCity Studio Maxis Hiring For F2P Online Creation Game

If not a game in the SimCity series, Maxis may be looking to revive a related franchise, such as SimAnt.

EA Maxis has a new job listing out implying that they are working on a F2P online creation game. Could this be the next SimCity?

The listing requires someone who has been working in AAA games design for over 5 years, and specifically, requires experience in social multiplayer games, including (but apparently not exclusive to) MMOs.

The job description is also quite blunt about the slant towards F2P. The designer needs to have an understanding in some psychological simulation game design concepts, such as simulation loops and systemic pushback. Of course, it also blatantly requires an ability to add F2P and monetization mechanics into games, apparently in a way that makes players feel respected.

Lastly, the job description is asking for applicants with knowledge of Maxis games, presumably since they will be working closely with Maxis veterans.

If not the main SimCity game, this may be a new installment of related Maxis properties like SimAnt. Although I’m sure many older Maxis fans won’t be happy about the shift to F2P, at least the job description indicates they want to make this game in a way that will satisfy fans. Of course, this also does not rule out the possibility that the upcoming game could offer other payment options, such as subscriptions.

Would you like to play a future F2P Sim game or not? If no, what direction do you think Maxis should take in their future games? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.