EVE Online Player Suffers a $1,500 Loss During a Ship Battle

Oh. My. God.

MMORPGs are a really interesting subject. They can sometimes culminate as one of the most rewarding experiences you'll engage in through video games. At other times, they prove to be wildly destructive.

An event that occurred in the space-faring MMO EVE Online falls under the latter of these archetypes.

Player Ozuwara Ozuwara is simply not afraid. He loaded up 84 pieces of PLEX, which is a highly valuable commodity in the game, and took it into deep space. For reference, 84 pieces of PLEX is roughly equivalent to 70 billion ISK in the game's marketplace. This translates to over $1,500 in real-life cash.

To put it bluntly, Ozuwara didn't make it very far. After entering deep space, his ship was destroyed by another player, Diordan.

We're not sure why someone would risk bringing so much value into a dangerous area, but then again, these stories aren't uncommon. Maybe they're doing something we simply aren't comprehending.

At any rate, try not to spend $1,500 on an MMO if you can help it.