Shadow of the Eternals Teaser Just in Time for Halloween


Just in time for Halloween, a teaser trailer for a game we thought was dead has popped up. A spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem, Shadow of the Eternals looks downright spooky. Shadow of the Eternals is a title that has gone through the very epitome of development hell, having never been confirmed until now. The title has gone through two different and unsuccessful Kickstarter campaigns, led by the ever forthcoming developer Denis Dyack. The game finally coming to fruition is the result of him starting a new studio with better funding for Shadow of the Eternals: Quantum Entanglement Entertainment. That's a pretty crazy name for a development studio, but it's certainly memorable.

Now, we have to ask the hard questions. One answer we'd like is to the inquiry of, "Why make a game that it appears nobody wants?" If the title hasn't succeeded in the crowdfunding arena, then what makes you think it can stand alone? Maybe Dyack thinks that with this teaser and some more preview footage gamers will see the light and realize how good this game is. It may be true that Shadow of the Eternals will be a much better game than players had anticipated, but it doesn't change the fact this title is something pretty low on gamers' priorities at the moment. It's going to be very hard for Shadow of the Eternals to compete with a new generation just starting. However, there's also the chance that nostalgia kicks in and turns this game into a phenomenon… I guess only time will tell.

Until then, check out the game trailer below, which looks pretty nifty: