Update: GaymerX Sets Up Kickstarter for Next Year’s Convention

They’re looking to raise $80,000.

Update: The GX: Everyone Games Kickstarter has passed its funding goal of $80,000 and at the time of writing has the fundraising drive has amassed over $85,600.

This means the GX3 convention will take place next year in San Francisco. More money could yet be raised as there's 41 hours left on the Kickstarter.

Original Story: GaymerX, the LGBTQ-focused gamer convention, may be saved after all if a Kickstarter to host the third convention succeeds.

The Kickstarter is looking for $80,000, only half of what the convention actually needs with the rest of the money coming from sponsorship and such deal. 

Significantly, the group me shedding the the 'gaymer' tag this time round instead opting for GX: Everyone Games. In their words they decided on the name change because: 

"We've become more and more aware that not all of our attendees identify with the 'gaymer' label. And while we love all our gay dude friends, we realize there are more people than that who want an awesome space to hang with their friends in a safe and diverse environment. We want to make sure we represent everyone who feels like they've been left out of mainstream gamer culture."

While the convention has been a positive place for game culture in recent years but has run into some business difficulties. Some expensive mistakes almost made them run out of money and they recently had a rather public argument over unpaid sponsor fees with publisher NIS America. 

GaymerX says they've learned from these experiences and comment: 

"Our first year, we didn't really know what we were doing and had to try to figure it out on the fly. Because of this, we hit a lot of unexpected roadblocks, expenses, and last minutes issues. With GaymerX2, we had a plan and knew what we wanted to do, but went with a venue that was extremely costly and overestimated attendance."

"By doing this Kickstarter first before we sign any contracts, we can make sure we produce GX3 within our means on a sustainable level. We're also doing the event in the late part of the year, when it's off peak for the Bay Area and room rates are far lower."

There's a full financial breakdown on the Kickstarter page. 

If successful, GX3 will take place in late 2015 in the San Francisco area.