Civilization: Beyond Earth Livestreams Explore Aliens and Seeded Starts

Find out more about Civilization: Beyond Earth by watching these two videos.

Firaxis Games, the developers of the upcoming Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth, recorded two livestreams of themselves playing the game. If you’d like to have a pure experience of the game, then you’ll probably want to give these recorded videos a miss as they go into no small amount of detail about the turn-based strategy game and its contents. 

In the first video, which was recorded on August 21, Pete Murray played the game while demonstrating the difference between Civilization V’s barbarian hordes and Beyond Earth’s complex race of aliens who live on the planets players explore. 

The videos aren’t the most exciting, but it’s packed full of information, particularly with regard to the early stages of the game.

Check that out below. 

The second video is played by Pete Murray and co-lead designer David McDonough, the developers go over the bonuses and perks included in the unique-seeded start for the game.

Murray explained in a forum post: "We'll go over how you build your colony to settle on the planet, going over the abilities of the sponsors, colonists, cargo and spacecraft," he wrote. "In detail. Hypothetical builds will be put together."

Watch that below. 

A third stream is planned for August 28 at 11am EDT on Twitch, so be sure to catch it then. 

Civilization: Beyond Earth is exclusive to the PC and is set for release on October 24, 2014.