Diablo 3’s 2.1.0 Update is Almost Here, Seasons Will Launch a Few Days After Patch

Seasons are set to launch a few days after the release of the game’s 2.1.0 update.

With Diablo III’s 2.1.0 update set for release in just a short while (and possibly even a matter of days, given Blizzard’s statements at gamescom that the title update will be released before the end of August), the game’s community manager Nevalistis took to Twitter to answer questions about the game.

When asked whether Seasons and 2.1.0 will launch at the same time, Nevalistis responded that seasons likely won’t launch on the day of 2.1.0’s release, and that it will probably only come out a few days later.

The reason for this is pretty simple: it takes time for players of the game to download the 2.1.0 update, which is set to be rather hefty in size given the content it’s poised to include. If the Seasons launch at the same time as the patch does, players who manage to download the update ahead of everyone else would get a good head start and beat their opponents—an unfair proposition for players with slower Internet connections. 

In addition to the launch of patch 2.1.0, Blizzard has prepared a +50% bonus to Gold Find for players who log on between the periods of August 22 to August 26, when maintenance is set to begin. The buff stacks multiplicatively with existing bonuses including those provided from items and Paragon points. 

The studio has also set up a page explaining how the new Greater Rifts work in 2.1.0, which includes details on Legendary Gems. Check that out here