Dragon Age 3: Inquisition’s Varric Will Not be Romance-able, Game Endings Discussed

BioWare opens up with details on Varric and the game’s ending.

It’s Monday, and that means we’ve got quite a bit of news about Dragon Age: Inquisition today with details that were released by Mike Laidlaw and other game developers at BioWare over the weekend. 

Laidlaw, Creative Director of the game, confirmed that everyone’s favorite dwarven rogue Varric would not be a romance-able character in the game, reiterating what writer David Gaider already said a few months ago. 

“So, yes, I’ll confirmed: Varric is not a love interest in Dragon Age: Inquisition,” he wrote. “I’ll see what I can do about getting a post up dispelling remaining mysteries.”

I personally blame the crossbow Bianca for Varric’s inability to commit to a romance. 

Also on Twitter, Mike Laidlaw confirmed that players can elect to not have horns on their Qunari Inquisitor if they like. For those not in the know, players will be able to play as the Qunari race in the game. 

On writer David Gaider’s personal Tumblr page, the developer said that there will be extensive mention of astronomy in Dragon Age’s world of Thedas. 

A fan of the game asked whether the game would feature things such as constellations and star charts, to which Gaider responded, “What an oddly well-timed question (you don’t work for EA Marketing, do you?) The answer is yes, and this will come up— at length— when you play DAI.”

Elsewhere, on MMGN, the game’s producer Cameron Lee discussed the issue with Mass Effect 3’s ending controversy. He said that the studio was positive that it wouldn’t see a repeat of that happening. 

“Bioware has been successful writing stories across many games and many years,” he said. “Fundamentally, we don't really change the way we tell a story.

“We did of course look at feedback from Mass Effect’s ending, as we do with all of our games. But yeah, we were very aware of fan’s reaction to that ending, but we were positive ourselves about not doing something that would have similar impacts in Inquisition.”