Dark Souls 2: 1 GB Patch Rolling Out, Contains Crown Of The Iron King DLC

This DLC may shed light on the full story behind the Old Iron King.

Fans have noticed a 1 GB patch already rolling out for Dark Souls 2 owners. One of them also corroborates that the DLC is part of the patch.

Tomorrow, Dark Souls 2 owners on Windows and Xbox 360 will be able to play Crown of the Old Iron King, the second part of the Three Crowns trilogy.  PlayStation 3 owners will then get it a day later. From has been sparing in details, but we do know more about this DLC than the other two parts of the trilogy.

This is because you already encountered the Old Iron King as a boss, at the end of the Iron Keep.  He is described in the game as a powerful, but short sighted king, whose corpse became the vessel that bred Ichorous Earth. Some fans speculate that the creature you faced is actually Ichorous Earth itself, and not the king. This DLC could shed light on this popular point of speculation. Perhaps, this DLC is where you really meet the Old Iron King for the first time.

From shared new screenshots for this DLC earlier this month. These screenshots hinted at a lot of new content, such as new weapons ,enemies, and Yellow Quartz.

What are you looking forward to in the Crown of the Old Iron King DLC? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.