WWE 2K15: How Share Play Will Change The Game, Cena Teases Extra Input

Cena shared in an interview that he was able to put his own personality into the game.

The upcoming Share Play update for the PlayStation 4 will enhance the online multiplayer for all of the system’s games, such as upcoming wrestling game WWE 2K15.

Share Play was announced earlier this month as part of the PlayStation 4’s next system update. Sony describes it as a virtual couch. You can invite a friend to play a game with you online, even if your friend does not have a copy of the game. Rather than play the online modes, you get to play all the local multiplayer with him or her. You can even let him or her take over as the Player 1 completely.

For WWE 2K15, this means that you and your friend can play its offline modes, like exhibition and Royal Rumble, and take on the AI, as if you were playing in the same room.

In another case, for Universe mode, you can let your friend take over to play the game, or you and your friend can play in all the matches as a tag team.

Of course, another possible application would be playing hard matches. Say you’re playing 2K Showcase, and you can’t get past a really hard rivalry match. You can let your friend take a try at it, and if he or she beats it, it can go back to you so you can keep going.

A really good use of this feature is for CAW. In prior games, your friend had to manually rebuild a CAW that you have them, so that they could check it out and add their own edits. With Share Play, you and he / she could work on one CAW at the same time.

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Speaking of WWE 2K15, John Cena also teased his involvement in the game. As he put it, Cena was able to imbue his own personality into it. Cena did not go into too much detail. You can watch Cena explain it in his own words.

WWE 2K15 will be released in October 28 on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.