NBA 2K15: Kevin Durant And Other Players Talk 2K

The NBA stars may not be that good at the game themselves, but they appreciate its quality and their role in it.

Kevin Durant was interviewed with James Harden, Stephen Curry, and Anthony Davis, by broadcaster Ernie Johnson Jr, to talk candidly about NBA 2K15.

The interview starts with Kevin and Stephen confessing they can’t play the game very well. They attribute it to a lack of practice.

Kevin is just happy that he gets to represent his state, as well as family and friends,  by being in the game. He is this year’s cover athlete, and will feature prominently within the game, as well as in its promotional materials.

James states he is excited every year when the next NBA game comes out. He describes it as consistently one of the biggest and best games.

Stephen says it is great to be a part of the game, thanks to its realistic gameplay. He also likes the graphics, and states that the way the NBA 2K depict them in the courts is spot on.

Anthony says he just loves to play NBA 2K, because it’s just a fun game.

Kevin also spent a few moments to talk about his career. He says that he feels he is the best player right now, particularly when it comes to scoring. He does state LeBron James gives him the most trouble among all the players, but he feels confident about his game.

Kevin also spoke about dropping out of the US national basketball team. He was in the company of the sport’s best players in the team. However, he felt the need to step back, rest, and prepare for the next season.  

Finally, Kevin revealed his favorite song, which is Clipse’s I’m Good. Coincidentally, Pharrell Williams did include another of Clipse’s songs, Grindin’, on NBA 2K15’s soundtrack.

NBA 2K15 is coming to Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.