WWE 2K15: Gameplay Changes & Goldust Revealed

The grappling system has been switched up big time.

IGN has been able to put the latest WWE game through its paces in order to share impressions. After a little teaser trailer featuring John Cena (of The Marine fame!), IGN jumped into just how this installment feels different from last year's.

First off, grappling has been switched up into something of a chain system. You begin in a wrestling lock, then you play a sort of Rock-Paper-Scissors match with your face buttons to see who gets to move into a more advantageous position, and finally you rotate the right stick to find a "sweet spot" that wil allow you to finally land some blows. You also no longer have to enter any intermediary grapple stance in order to launch into a move.

There are other changes that you can read about, such as the improved stamina system. But the more exciting news for wrestling fans is that the painted fighter Goldust was revealed via a screen posted on reddit. Check how he looks!

WWE 2K15 comes out on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 this October 28.