No Man’s Sky Confirmed For PC, But Flying To PS4 First

I argue comparisons to Star Citizen will become an eventuality when it does.

Hello Games has confirmed in a published interview that No Man’s Sky is coming to PC, but after a timed exclusivity period for Playstation 4.

They explain that while they always intended for the game to come to PC, they chose to make PS4 the lead platform, and this has subsequently affected the way the game has been designed. More than resolution and framerate limits, or console specific enhancements, this choice allowed them to make the most of their procedural generation algorithms.

Of course, if you are a Playstation fan, this is all the right words to say to you, but we have a feeling some other developers would not share the same sentiment regarding the console. For example, Cloud Imperium Games has been consistent in their message that Star Citizen is never hitting consoles because they would not be able to handle the game as Chris Roberts envisioned it.

Still, No Man’s Sky is still coming to PC at a later date, we just do not know when. I could not help bringing up Star Citizen in this context, since it will be really interesting to see the eventual comparison between the two games when they both come out on the same platform. Who is right and who is wrong regarding consoles and PCs?

Stay tuned to GameRanx for the latest news on No Man’s Sky and Star Citizen. Image is from No Man’s Sky.