New Solid Snake Figurine Comes with Polygonal PS1 Head

Nendoroid Solid Snake will release in Japan in November.

The Good Smile Company is going to release a Nendoroid of Solid Snake in his Metal Gear Solid 1 attire. For those of you unfamiliar, Nendoroids are figurines that depict various popular characters in cute, child-like proportions. Snake's figurine is no different, looking all the world like he's about to stealth his way out of the classroom during nap time.

Snake comes with the expected accessories: a handgun, assault rifle, cigarette (kids shouldn't smoke!), and of course a box to sneak around in. But there's an extra special accessory also included in the box: a polygonal head! You can swap the default dome with one modeled directly after his PS1 character model. I expect many purchases to toss away the standard head and use the blocky one at all times!

Even though this figure is currently exclusive to Japan, Good Smile's store ships to just about any country. Snake is a rather acceptabe 4500 yen (about $44) and will be released in November. You can pre-order any time between now and August 27. Be mindful of any international shipping charges!