GTA 5 SP DLC New Leak Shows Selection Screen, CIA Missions & More

This latest leak really switches things around, and I just don’t know what to believe anymore.

We have some breaking news on Grand Theft Auto 5’s upcoming DLC, including possible single player DLC.

So, a fan found what he believes is the DLC selection screen. They believe this is the said screen because it checks for what DLC you have purchased before you move forward.

Now, the found options are for, GTA, Trevor, and Dead. GTA here may refer to either the main game or GTA Online, meaning if these modes have possible connections to other modes, they may have been kept separate.

Now, Trevor seems to be single player DLC, and this is where we get the casinos and casino games, the assassin missions, and now, what appear to be CIA missions. So, Trevor might possibly have joined the state surveillance agency now? (In the game the agency goes by the not-at-all-subtle name FIB.) Or he may be taking them on or investigating them. Of course, at this moment, it could go in any direction, but at least Rockstar can’t deny what the source code says.

gta dlc

For Dead, there seems to be references to a person named Norman. Although our source has humorously pointed to Inspector Norman in the Mafia game series, it’s unlikely Rockstar would deal with 2K Games with what is essentially a clone of their franchise. But then again, it might be a Capcom-Dan-SNK style swipe at them.

Of course, the biggest question of all, is will this all be Playstation 4 exclusive like some sources claim it is? Grand Theft Auto coming to Windows, Playstation 4, and Xbox One in the second half of 2014.