Mass Effect 4: Mako, Concept Art, And Other Details

There is barely any solid information on the game for now, but we know for sure the Mako will be a huge part of it.

We have some new details for Mass Effect 4, fresh from San Diego Comic-Con. Today, we are focusing a fine line on the Mako.

For those unfamiliar with it, the M35 Mako was an infantry fighting vehicle found in the original Mass Effect. It’s a comparatively small vehicle, equipped for all terrain and hermetically sealed, and can handle high drops, extreme heat and cold and different terrain, including the roughest of them. Thanks to independently reversible wheels, it can change direction quickly, and an element zero core allows it to manipulate mass in different environments.

In terms of weaponry, it has mass accelerator cannons, coaxial mounted machine guns, and laser detection arrays. It also has ground penetrating radar to seek out anti vehicle mines and other unseen dangers.

Basically, you can think of the Mako as a mobile tank, overdosing on endorphins.

The new Mako is getting improved physics, to make it a more responsive vehicle. Customization is also something they have put serious consideration into, and they feel that players should be able to make their vehicles reflect them IF they are going to spend a lot of time in those vehicles (emphasis mine). Exploration seems to be an important aspect of the game too, so a major point of Mako's redesign was to enable fast travel.

Bioware also replied to the questions you wanted answered, but no, you will not get those answers here. The game is years away from being released. The main character will be human, but nothing about other playable human races, like fans got in Mass Effect 3. They dropped more hints that the new game will be set in the same timeline as the previous Mass Effect games, so while Capt Sheperd is alive, but not much more than that.

They also showed some concept art which you can see a bit of here.