Dragon Age 3: Inquisition: Female Inquisitor First Look, Impressions, And Spoilers

We have an achievements list, but of course, here and now there is no vouching for it.

We have new details for you for Dragon Age 3: Inquisition. Hold on to your seats because we have a bit of a lot.

First off, we have a pic of a female Inquisitor, clearly an elf, as our cover image. Some fans are trying to pick up impressions off of this pic, but I think they may be reading too much into this. In the end, it’s just a first peek at your customization options for the Inquisitor.

We have some impressions for the game as well. As has become par for the course now, you can go to nearly any location you can see from a distance in this game. The combat is described as a combination of both a strategic, turn-based element, and a more reactive, action game element. In this way, Bioware can cater to both fans who want to get in the thick of the action and feel it, as well as those who prefer to oversee the action and keep tabs on the numbers. Bioware managed to make this system something really easy to pick up on quickly.

Finally, here’s a spoiled list of achievements. Of course, this list is yet to be confirmed so take it all with a grain of salt, but there’s a chance it could be real. Also, we are sharing this list verbatim, possible errors and all. Of course, considering the delay, even if it is true, it may receive changes in the near future as well. For all these reasons, caveat emptor. 

  • A Capital Occasion – Assemble the Chantry Mothers in Val Royeaux
  • A Dance to Remember – Eliminate the assassin in Halamshiral
  • A Long Time Coming – Defeat Corypheus
  • Ancient Writings – Recover a veilfire rune
  • Belle of the Ball – Have extremely high court approval
  • Botanist – Harvest 50 herbs from Skyhold’s garden in a single playthrough
  • Commander – Deploy forces on a timed wartable mission
  • Custom Geared – Enchant or upgrade something
  • Deathbringer – Destroy XXX Foes in total
  • Deeper Mysteries – Spend X talent points on a single talent tree with any one character
  • Demonslayer – Destroy XXXX demons
  • Deployment Points – Control three keeps in a single playthrough
  • Ender of Dragons – Slay X unique high dragons
  • Fight Fire with Fire – Tame the Dragon [note: this piece of concept art is called “Dragon Tamer”…]
  • Fit For a King – Upgrade a throne
  • Focused – Upgrade an ability
  • Front Lines – Establish any non-default camp
  • Full House – Gather all possible party members
  • Halls of Ancients – Learn the secrets of Mythal
  • High Commander – Complete 50 missions
  • Home is Where the Hearth is – Decorate Skyhold
  • Humble Beginnings – Finish the prologue
  • I Have Eyes Everywhere – Travel to every location and claim a camp for the Inquisition
  • In Death, Sacrifice – Liberate the Wardens in Adamant
  • Inquisitor – Complete the main story of DA:I on HARD difficulty
  • Inspired Legends – Be friends with at least 3 followers at the same time
  • Lore Master – Find X codex entries in a single playthrough
  • Love Is In The Air – Commit to a romance
  • Maker’s Breath – Damage an enemy for more than XXX damage
  • Marked For Greatness – Seal X Rifts
  • Master Alchemist – Upgrade 10 potions, grenades or tonics
  • Master Inquisitor – Complete the main story of DA:I on NIGHTMARE difficulty
  • Original Owner – Craft a weapon or piece of armor
  • Peerless – Attain X Ranks with the Inquisition
  • People Person – Attain X Agents for the Inquisition in one playthrough
  • Quartermaster – Fulfil X Requisitions for the Inquisition
  • Research Opportunity – Find and recover a shard identified by viewskull
  • Signed and Sealed – Close the Breach
  • Specialist – Earn a class specialization
  • Stargazer – Find and unlock every Astrarium
  • Strength in Numbers – Recruit a new companion to the Inquisition
  • Synergy – Trigger a cross-class combo
  • The Horse and the Rider – Secure mounts for the Inquisition and yourself
  • Timeless Keymaster – Find and enter the inner sanctum of [DESERT RUIN OASIS PLACE NAME]
  • Trial of Fire and Ice – Survive The Setback
  • Uncompromising – Craft a top-tier item
  • Venturing Forth – Reach the second stage in a multiplayer match
  • Veteran – Reach Level 30 with the Inquisitor
  • Well-Funded – Collect at least XX 000 gold from any source and across characters
  • Wyrmslayer – Secure mounts for the Inquisition and yourself 

Dragon Age: Inquisition launches on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One on October 7th in North America and October 10th Europe.