DayZ Standalone Fans Make Unofficial Changelog; Vehicles Already In Development

Do not expect to see vehicles to appear anytime soon though.

Want to know the latest stuff they’re adding into DayZ? Fans have collated an unofficial changelog.

There are already tracksuit jackets, in green, blue, red, and black. There are also tanker helmets and paramedic jackets, as well as red EMT gear and pants. In terms of weapons they added the CR-527 Carbine, as well as its five round magazine.

There’s some unconfirmed stuff too, so this stuff below comes with a caveat emptor, but for those who are curious, the game may be getting SMERSH vests, vest holsters, burlap sack wraps and a camo backpack. They may also be adding loot spawning from deer stands.In terms of gameplay, Bohemia Interactive is finally working on game persistence, so items you drop on the floor will be back after you restart the game. They are also working on loot respawning.

Finally, one of the Bohemia Interactive employees confirmed on Twitter that they are already working on vehicles. However, they still do not have anything to put on any of the builds yet.

Bohemia does not have a set deadline, but one can imagine that they are picking up the pace in light of H1Z1. And well they should, as the game has been Early Alpha since December 1, 2013. Bohemia does say that they expect to finish Alpha in a little over a year, meaning H1Z1 will very well have a lead of a few months. Having picked up much of Cauldron Studios to form Bohemia Interactive Slovakia, I am willing to wager they can close that gap – if not beat it.