Minecraft PS4 & Xbox One Fans Ask: Where Is The Release Date

Some fans are not happy with 4J’s silence, although others are asking for calm.

It’s a week before August hits and fans are asking; where is the release date for Minecraft for Playstation 4?

4J Studios has said that they expect to get the game released by early August, but they did not give us an actual day. Depending on which PS4 owner you talk to, this is either a real problem with 4K Studios, or not as huge an issue as it is being made out to be.

Some fans are not happy already, because of the eight player multiplayer limit. Other fans do point out that will hopefully be patched later. Other fans point out an earlier promise that the game was going to launch with the system.

Of course, as we know from previous console ports, this game will have serious limits on the game worlds. While you might say that should not be an issue, you have to compare it to Minecraft on mobile devices, which has full access to the infinite worlds, and has less the power.

Cooler heads point out that they should be happy that a port is even happening, and that they would be better off with a delay to get a better game. Of course, the console version of Minecraft is different but still an enjoyable experience. Nobody mentioned it in the thread but I think a case can be made for hardcore Minecraft fans to get the game on console and on mobile/PC, to get a taste of the different experiences.

Of course, this happened to be a PS4 dedicated thread, but based on 4J’s statements, Minecraft is likely to release to Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Playstation Vita at the same time.I am sure Xbox One owners are asking too. Keep following GameRanx for the latest news on Minecraft.