Crytek Finally Confirms They Have Secured Capital To Keep Going

The company is in transition to becoming an online publisher, but could not and cannot discuss the details in public.

Crytek has finally broken their silence and confirmed that the company is still in operation, thanks to a new infusion of capital. Not that they are sharing that many details.

Crytek’s letter starts off by acknowledging that they did not speak to the press much regarding recent developments, and they did not share information to their employees properly and in a timely manner. They simply state that there are instances when they cannot talk about internal dealings with the public, and subsequently, this also means they could not share details to their employees.

Crytek explains they are in transition, from a developer to an online publisher, and the subsequent infusion of capital they just released assured that they would go through this transition successfully. They will now focus on their long term strategic direction, as this funding has ensured Crytek’s future in the long term.

Unfortunately, Crytek has stated they will still not be explaining, or providing future updates to the public, which really makes the whole thing questionable. Of course, anyone is going to ask, what are they hiding?

Their statement also did not indicate any future plans for Crytek UK, which seems to have all but dissolved, or if they intend to communicate with former high profile employees Mike Read, Hasit Zala, Tiego Sousa, and others. That’s a lot of talent lost over what Crytek is saying is simply a problem with communications.

Our earlier reports included a rumor that Avni Yerli was waiting on such a source of funding, so it is possible that this investor followed through.